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We prefer short-distance adoptions in the PA/OH/WV region, but will consider other applications with references and the usual assurances.

All animals are spayed/neutered at time of placement. All are current on vaccinations and heartworm negative.
We are waiving the adoption fee for all animals at this time, but we have strict adoption criteria.

Fenced yards required for dogs, with very few exceptions; we prefer you own your home, but may accept written permission from your landlord; adoptions to families with under schoolage children are rare and only to families with prior pet experience; we often require the companionship of another dog, especially for working owners; we do not allow any cat we place to be declawed!
We recommend all animals be microchipped and/or tattooed for identification purposes, and may recommend formal obedience training for some dogs.

All animals have been fostered by us and although we can't guarantee any will behave in a new situation exactly as they did here, we never misrepresent an animal's behavior or temperament!

**Your help in placing these foster animals will be appreciated! Feel free to cross-post/distribute information about them to any e-lists or to your address books.

Cleo, American Staffordshire terrier female

[**If you know anyone in Am. Staff. Rescue, PLEASE tell them about "Cleo." We MUST place her before we return to Germany, because the breed is subject to an import ban there.]
"Cleo" is about 14 mos. old, spayed. She's a beautiful dark sable color. She was found at 6 mos., starved, trying to cross an interstate highway. She was likely abused and is apprehensive around strange men. She is VERY loving with people after she knows them. She is good with 9 out of 10 other dogs after some initial bullying. She is NOT good with cats. She needs a special, experienced owner who will give her undivided attention. She has come a long way since she first arrived. Cleo is crate trained, but she is food aggressive and eats in her crate when other dogs are present. She tries so hard to be a good girl and the right owner could make a real "lady" out of her.

Harry Potter, beagle/terrier mix

"Harry Potter" is a beagle/terrier mix, about 4 yrs. old, neutered. He was saved on his last day from a horrible dog pound. The experience did nothing to dampen his sense of humor. Harry is the comical clown of the dog world, loves to play with other dogs, is sweet natured, and would be a good companion for an older person as long as he has room to run and can go for walks. Kept indoors, housebroken, but loves to be outdoors. Probably good with older children. Won't hurt a cat but may chase one in play. Very obedient, and a little vocal while playing or excited.

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves
the impossible." - Anonymous

"I am the voice of the voiceless;
Through me the dumb shall speak,
Till the deaf world's ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak."
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919)



FROM TOP: "Groucho" & "Harpo," are littermates, 22 mos. old, neutered. Their mama was a Border Collie, and she died in a shelter shortly before they were rescued. We think their daddy was a retriever, possibly a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, based on their color and build. They all came down with "parvo" their first day here, made a complete recovery, and are now each 70 lbs. of vim and vigor. They are all active and loved to be outdoors (we can hardly get them to come in). It has been impossible to separate them for training, and we hope their adoptive parents will go through formal obedience training with them. They are very social and need another dog(s) for companionship (it would be GREAT if they could go to the same home! - their third brother, "Chico," has been adopted). Groucho & Harpo are twins in temperament and appearance, both very outgoing. They can't be trusted with cats as a "pack," - individually, maybe. These boys are highly intelligent, a wonderful mix of temperaments of two great breeds, and we're looking for active owners with dog experience. They may make good agility/flyball candidates.

"When you lean over them sobbing as they draw their last breath, does their soul pass upward through yours on its way to Higher Ground? Does it blaze a trail we can follow later? Will we recognize them at our reunion without their earthly appearance, when we can judge them only by their spirit and not their species? I hope so."
- Jim Willis from "The Importance of Being Ernest"


"Julio" is an about 6 yr. old neutered Beagle who was abandoned on our road. He loves everybody! He's vocal and expressive, so if you live next door to a complaining neighbor, he's not for you. He loves to be outdoors napping in the sun. He'd also eat 24 hrs. a day, so he's on a perpetual diet of "lite" food. If you are looking for a dog with a foolproof sweet temperament, Julio is your boy.


"Bagheera," named for the panther in "The Jungle Book," is a 2 yr. old neutered male, solid black, a little shy but affectionate when he wants to be. He gets along with all other cats and dogs (he was "raised" by our female Dalmatian). He insists on going outdoors for part of the day, but sticks close to home. He'll need a safe country home away from a road. He is a mouser, and we have our bird feeders in a secure area just in case.


"Geoffrey" is a 5+ yr. old Maine Coon-type longhair. He's sweet, affectionate, good with other cats and dogs. A former outdoor cat who has adjusted completely to the comforts of indoor life and likes to sleep with his human. He arrived with a severe respiratory infection and a bad case of ringworm, but is fully recovered and now has a beautiful coat.

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"From street, from cage and from kennel,
From stable and zoo, the wail
Of my tortured kin proclaim the sin
Of the mighty against the frail."
- E.W.Wilcox


"Apollo" is a 2 yr. old, neutered, mostly GSD mixed with probably a northern breed (has a gorgeous winter coat). He's current on vaccs. and HW-. He's very athletic, and is very sweet and loving. We rescued him at 6 mos., he was very shy, possibly abused, but he's become much more self-confident.
He is submissive to all other dogs. He's very social and loves to play, so we hope he can go where he'll have a dog playmate. He is a bit of an escape artist so secure fencing is required. He loves to be outdoors (although we don't place dogs to exclusively outdoor homes), so we hope he'll have that opportunity. He will need to be crate trained if left indoors unattended, because he can be destructive. He's housebroken to the extent that he always uses the dog door to go outdoors. He has some prey drive and can't be trusted with cats. He has a wonderful temperament, he should be great with older children, but we recommend an experienced


"Frasier" is a 2.5 yr. old, neutered, red All-American mix (he looks like a large Shiba Inu) with a curled tail who was born in an animal shelter and we rescued him at 5 mos. on his "last day." He is "Apollo's" best friend and we'd love for them to stay together, but he will adjust to other dog companionship. He especially loves girl dogs. He's a tad shy around strangers at first. He has high prey drive and can't be trusted with cats; secure fencing is required. He's a very sweet, affectionate dog. He loves to be outdoors and should have an active owner.


"Otto" is about 1.5 - 2 yrs. old, was abandoned in a grocery story parking lot one bitter cold day, and was most likely abused. We've guessed he's German Shepherd X Chow (has a blue speckled tongue) X Great Pyrenees (he had double dewclaws on his hindfeet which we had removed). He's about 70 lbs., a little on the shy side, and another outdoor lover. He's housebroken, good with almost all other dogs (loves girls and subordinate boys, the only possible problem would be with a male who likes to dominate); not to be trusted with cats. He has a quiet, even temperament and should bond strongly with a gentle owner.

**We personally fund our rescue work and have done so for the past 11 years. Because we are not a registered not-for-profit corporation, we ask that donations be sent directly to our veterinarian. If you'd like to contribute, e-mail us for the clinic address:
Thank you!


"Jewel" is a 10+ yr. old Siamese mix spayed female, with beautiful blue eyes. She's loving and likes to "talk" in typical Siamese fashion. She's good with other cats and dogs. She was found abandoned with such a severe ear mite infestation that her ears are permanently deformed from hematomas (they're "crinkled" and make her look rather like a Scottish fold cat). Her ears were cleaned under anesthesia, and still require weekly at home cleanings.