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How Could You?
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...a selection of writings by Jim Willis, useful information from The Tiergarten Sanctuary Trust, and Animals for Adoption.

[**Liebe Tierfreunde - Bitte klicken Sie ganz am Anfang dieser Seite auf "Wie konntest Du nur?"/"Unter dem Schutze von Bast", um zum deutschsprachigen Teil zu gelangen.]

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How Could You?

...its truths have made grown men cry and it's among the
most published animal-related essays in the world.
Help change the situation for pets by placing it
where the public can read its message.
[Click on the above page links for foreign language translations.]

"We Are Their Heroes"

We Are Their Heroes

...a message of inspiration and encouragement
dedicated to all who work for change.

"Beloved of Bast"

Beloved of Bast [Unter dem Schutze von Bast]

...an old tabby cat receives her eternal reward
from the Egyptian cat goddess "Bast."
Includes the German translation.

"The Basset Chronicles"

The Basset Chronicles

...a humorous look at the author's life with a menagerie,
including the world's most opinionated Basset Hound, "Alexis."

The Meaning of M.U.T.T.

The meaning of m.u.t.t.

...a little "mutt" learns an important lesson in self-worth
with a happy ending. Illustrated by Jim Willis.

"The All Creation Society"

A Letter to the Human Race

...an Open Letter to the Human Race from the
"All Creation Society." If the animals could
talk, would this be what they'd tell us?

"Christine's Magic Box"

Christine's Magic Box

...a comforting story for anyone who has experienced
loss and grief. Read it to your children and ease into
a discussion on a hard-to-talk-about topic.

Jim's Prose & Poetry

Jim's Prose/Poetry

...more of Jim's prose & poetry, including "The Messenger," "IF for Dogs," "Forest Lessons" & "Wind & Water."

Inspiration & Comfort

Inspiration and Comfort

Inspiration and Comfort II

...from St. Francis to Dr. Albert Schweitzer,
two pages of inspiring words.

"The Importance of Being Ernest"

The Importance of Being Ernest

...a tribute to a favorite dog.

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Animals Available for Adoption

...your help in finding them a forever home
will be greatly appreciated!

See Nopuppymills.com & More on our Favorite Links page!

Favorite Links

...indispensable resources for animal guardians,
advocates, rescuers; fun stuff; useful veterinary medical information and more!

Jim's Arabian mare "Cynnamon"

Our World - A Photo Album

...scenes from our lives on both sides of the Atlantic,
with some photos of our animal family members.